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Pleven horse breed information

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Pleven description

The Pleven is well put together. Head is straight, neck is long, muscular, and the breed has a nice topline. Chest is broad and deep with nicely sloping shoulders, and a deep, round barrel. They have a fairly long back with high withers. Quarters are well muscled, the croup slightly sloping, and the tail is carried well. The legs are exceptionally well-conformed and muscular, with ample bone, broad joints, well-defined tendons, and hard sound feet.


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Pleven color

Plevens are always chestnut in color

Pleven size

They stand at 15.3 to 16 h.h.

Pleven temperament

Their temperament is calm and willing

Pleven origin


Pleven history

The Pleven horse is a halfbred produced in Bulgaria and having a number of valuable, universal characteristics which made is a basic breed. Development of this breed was started in 1898. at the farmer state stud Klementina, near Pleven. It is now called the G. Dimitrov state farm.

Initial breeding animals for production of this horse were improved local horses, Arab, Anglo-Arab, and halfbred mares crossed at lions. Later, Gidran stllions were used. The breed was officialy recognized in 1951.

Pleven uses

This breed of horse is usually used as draught as well as saddle horse.

Pleven influence

Arabian and Thoroughbred

Pleven interesting facts

The Pleven is usually sound, tough, and economical to feed.

Pleven farms


Pleven pictures

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