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Abtenauer horse breed information

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Abtenauer description

Of lighter bone than the Noriker, the Abtenauer breeds true to type and is well adapted to the poor soil on which it lives. The breed is known for its easy, flowing trotting action. The Abtenauer is elegantly built with a well-shaped head and strong legs. Abtenauers are usually black, chestnut, or blue roan; black is the most common color but all colors are accepted, except leopard spotting. Mares and foals spend the summers in pasture high in the mountains and are fed salt once a week to prevent them from becoming feral. They spend the summer freely roaming the alpine meadows with cattle. Often foals are born with peculiar curly coats that are lost when the baby hair is shed.


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Abtenauer color

black, rich brown, blue roan

Abtenauer size

Average height 14.3 - 15 hands

Abtenauer temperament

The Abtenauer has quiet, willing disposition.

Abtenauer origin

Abtenauer is originally Austrian horse breed.

Abtenauer history

About 100 mares were located in the Abtenau Province and developed the Abtenauer type of Noriker which some define as a breed. They were mountain horses used for hauling wood.

Abtenauer uses

Abtenaur horses are most commonly used for draft work due to being a coldblood horse breed.

Abtenauer influence


Abtenauer interesting facts

The Abtenauer horse breed gets its name from the Abtenau Valley in Austria where it is bred. Since it was a largely isolated area there have no infusions of other breeds of horses in the development of the Abtenauer.

There are estimated to be a little over 100 purebred Abtenauers left, which is a slightly lower amount than the 178 listed on the registry books in 1939.

Abtenauer pictures

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