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The act of training a horse by directing him around in a circle while on a long 'lunge' rein, which is attached to a cavesson. Schooled horses may be lunged as a form of exercise or during the course of teaching a novice rider.

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A piebald is an animal, such as a horse or ball python, that has a spotting pattern of large unpigmented (sometimes expressed as white) areas and normally pigmented patches.

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Shetland pony

The Shetland pony is a breed of pony originating in the Shetland Isles. Its the smallest of all pony breeds, and is also the most popular. read more

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Appaloosas are very versatile horses having great endurance and excellent dispositions. read more

North Swedish horse breed information

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North Swedish horse horse breed North Swedish horse horse breed North Swedish horse horse breed North Swedish horse horse breed North Swedish horse horse breed North Swedish horse horse breed
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North Swedish horse horse general information

    Acceptable colors for the North Swedish horse are brown, blackish-brown, yellowish black, black, chestnut, buckskin, palomino, smoky and grey. In the latter case however only where descent is verifiable back to the Norwegian so-called "blue horses". Markings on the head and legs are acceptable.
  • SIZE
    This horse breed from Sweden usually stands at about 15 hands high.
    The North Swedish Horse has ancient origins, that are closely connected with those of its neighbor, the Dølahest from Norway. There has been a lot of cross breeding, and it was only after a breed society was established at the end of the 19th century that a more uniform type was produced.
  • USES
    The North Swedish horse is mainly used for farm and lumber hauling work.
    Dølahest from Norway
    They are willing and cooperative workers. They have excellent temperament and are very obliging - their temperament is greatly valued and is a careful consideration when breeding.

North Swedish horse description

The North Swedish Horse is tractable, robust and economical to feed and very active. Like the Dølahest, it is a good trotter. It is still used for log-pulling by farmers and by the Swedish army. It is a rather dumpy horse, with a big head and long ears. The neck is short and thick. The shoulders are sloping, the body is deep and the back long. The quarters are rounded, with a sloping croup. The limbs are short, with substantial bone. There is an abundance of hair in the mane and tail.

One of the most remarkable things about the North Swedish is their incredible strength, draft capabilities, and endurance when compared to the relative smallness of their frame. They are not a heavy draft horse in terms of the Clydesdale and Percheron, but are ideally suited for the forest and lumber work for which they have been principally bred. They are one of the most rigorously tested breeds in the world, and have to undergo testing on their pulling powers, fertility, and have X-rays of their lower legs done. Annually there is a County Horse Days event, where stallions and mares are examined in a number of different situations, and particular attention is paid to temperament. There has developed a second type of North Swedish horse, which is a finer, lighter animal, and which has been produced with harness racing in mind. It is called the North Swedish Trotter.

North Swedish horse history

The North Swedish Horse is a relatively young breed, with its studbook being established in 1909. They are related to the Dole Gudbrandsdal, having both developed from the ancient native horses of the area. There have been infusions of Friesian and Oldenburg into the North Swedish breed, as well as some crossings with the heavy European draft breeds. Since 1903, there have been very strict regulations for the breeding of the North Swedish in an effort to continue their particular admirable characteristics. Foremost in this has been the Stallion Rearing Institute of Wangen in Jamtland, which is now one of the principal North Swedish studs.

North Swedish horse health and genetic issues

They are notably long lived and seem to be relatively immune to many equine diseases.

North Swedish horse fun facts

North Swedish horse possesses incredible strength, draft capabilities, and endurance when compared to the relative smallness of their frame.

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