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Yonaguni horse breed information

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Yonaguni description

The Yonaguni or Yonaguni uma is a breed of horse native to the southwest islands of Japan, specifically Yonaguni Island. The head is large with well-placed eyes and relatively small ears; the neck is short and thick; the shoulders tend to be straight; the back is long; the croup is often quite level with a high tail-set; the quarters are slight; the legs often tend to be splayed; the hooves are vertically long and very hard.


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Yonaguni color

The Yonaguni are usually chestnut

Yonaguni size

It is a small breed of pony height, typically 11 hands

Yonaguni temperament

This pony is gentle in nature and very strong and enduring

Yonaguni origin

Japan, Yonaguni Island

Yonaguni history

In the old days every household had one horse or more for transportation and plowing. In 1939, when local breeds began to be improved to produce larger war horses, the Yonaguni on their remote island were excluded from that plan, and the original breed has been preserved. As technology has improve, horses have become less important and the population of all horse breeds in Japan has been drastically reduced. Once of great importance in the daily lives of the islanders, today the Yonaguni may be seen on only a few ranches and has become a precious cultural asset.

Yonaguni uses

Yonaguni is used as riding horse.

Yonaguni interesting facts

It is one of eight horse breeds native to Japan

It is also very rare, with fewer than 200 individuals known to live in Japan

Yonaguni pictures

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