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Camarillo White Horse horse breed information

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Camarillo White Horse description

True white is a very difficult and rare color to achieve, as statistically there is only a 50% chance of producing living white offspring from any given mating, regardless of the color of the other parent. This is because of an unusual characteristic of the white "W" gene. Although it is a dominant gene, it is lethal when homozygous (WW), and such foals die in the womb. This means that all living true white horses are heterozygous (Ww) for the gene. Thus, when a white horse (Ww) is bred to a non-white (ww) horse, there is a 50% chance of producing white and a 50% chance of producing a non-white horse.

When two white horses (Ww) are bred to one another, there is a 50% chance of producing a living white horse (Ww), a 25% chance of producing a non-white horse (ww), but also a 25% chance of producing a dead foal (WW). The W gene is dominant: if a horse carries the gene it will be white and conversely, if the horse is not white, it does not carry the white gene, and thus and cannot produce white offspring if bred to another non-white horse. Breeders of true white horses generally cross them on non-white horses, as the statistical probability of a white foal is the same with no risk of producing a WW foal.


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Camarillo White Horse color

The Camarillo White Horse is known for its pure white color, which includes pink skin under the white hair coat

Camarillo White Horse origin

Camarillo, USA

Camarillo White Horse history

All Camarillo White Horses trace back to a single foundation sire, Sultan, a Spanish Mustang born in 1912 that Camarillo would latter describe as a "Stallion of a dream." Camarillo found Sultan at the 1921 California State Fair in Sacramento being shown by the Miller and Lux cattle ranch. Camarillo purchased Sultan and the pair went on to win many championships throughout California.

Camarillo bred Sultan to Morgan mares at the Camarillo Ranch, developing a line of horses privately owned and bred by the Camarillo family for the next 65 years. Upon Camarillo’s death in 1958, Adolfo’s daughter Carmen took over the horse breeding operation. She continued to show the horses at parades and events for the enjoyment of the people of Ventura County until her death in 1987, when, according to her wishes, the horses were sold at public auction, ending the tradition of exclusive ownership of the breed by the Camarillo family.

In 1989, five individuals decided to regroup the horses for public performances. By 1991, when only 11 horses remained, it became apparent the breed could die out, and the idea for an association began. In 1992, the Camarillo White Horse Association was formed. To avoid inbreeding, the registry has an open studbook, requiring least one parent to be of Camarillo's original stock, but allowing the other parent to be from various breeds, including Andalusian and Standardbred bloodlines. They also maintain a separate record of non-white foals from these bloodlines.

Camarillo White Horse uses

Parade horse breed

Camarillo White Horse influence

Andalusian and Standardbred

Camarillo White Horse interesting facts

Camarillo White horses are white from birth and remain white throughout their lives

Camarillo White Horse pictures

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