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English horse breeds

English - description

Native breeds range from the statuesque Suffolk Punch and magnificent Shire, right down to the Dartmoor, Exmoor and New Forest ponies.

Some of the other breeds are Fell and Dales ponies, Cleveland Bay, English Thoroughbred, The Hunter, Hackney and many others.

The majority of horses are used for pleasure riding or for competing in local competitions with Welsh Section C and D's, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Hanoverians and warmbloods being ever popular, but most riders owning cross-breeds of one type or another.

In 1999, 2,400,000 people enjoyed riding in the England, (4.5 per cent of the population), and half of those did so at least once a week.

Horse owners and riders are estimated to spend around 2.5 billion pounds on horses, riding and associated items, including £150,000,000 on buying horses and £1,200,000,000 on the care and upkeep of horses.

In 1999, there were around 965,000 horses in England with 900,000 privately owned and 65,000 professionally owned.

English horse breeds list

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