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Work horse breeds

Work - description

A working animal is an animal that is kept by humans and trained to perform tasks. Around the world, millions of animals work in relationship with their owners. Domesticated species are often bred to be suitable for different uses and conditions, especially horses and working dogs.

A draught or draft animal is an animal used for its physical (i.e. muscular) power, as in transport and haulage, such as pulling carts or sleds, ploughing fields and hauling goods. Animals are also used for animal-powered transport, for movement of people and goods. People ride some animals directly as mounts, use them as pack animals to carry goods, or harness one or a team to pull vehicles. Such animals are sometimes known as beasts of burden.

When it comes to horses, draft horse breeds are the ones that are most commonly used for work, but also other breeds of horses, such as some ponies and smaller horses can be used as pack animals or even for lighter draught work.

Pack animals

These often belong to the same species as mounts or harness animals, though animals such as horses, mules, donkeys, or the Arabian camel may be of specialized breeding for packing.

Harness animals

An intermediate use is to harness animals, singly or in teams, to pull (or haul) sleds or wheeled vehicles.

Work horse breeds list

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