Aegidienberger Horse

Some horse breeds are better known than others.

The Aegidienberger, for instance, is a lesser-known breed originated in Germany.

This horse is gentle, versatile, and gaited making it a great choice for many purposes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Aegidienberger, keep reading!

Aegidienberger Horse Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Aegidienberger horse:

Height (size) 13.0 – 15.0 hands high
Colors All colors are acceptable
Country of Origin Germany
Common Uses Pleasure riding

Aegidienberger Horse Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

The Aegidienberger is a cross between the Peruvian Paso and the Icelandic horse.

It was created with the purpose of developing a horse that was bigger than the Icelandic, but yet small enough and robust enough to handle rough terrain, and one that could thrive in Germany’s colder climates.

They desired an animal that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also larger, gaited, had a good temperament under saddle, and was tough enough to withstand the elements.

Even though they are on the smaller side, they are nonetheless considered to be horses and not ponies.

Within the first year of life, they must exhibit the natural 4-beat gait ‘tölt’ in a natural manner, no artificial training methods are permitted.

These horses move really quickly and with lots of energy.

Aegidienbergers were created in a German town of Aegidienberg and were registered as a breed in 1994.

Walter Feldmann and his son Walter Junior bred the first cross when an Icelandic mare and a Peruvian Paso stallion were crossed to produce the first generation, known as F1.

The F1 generation was then crossed with a pure Icelandic horse, creating the R1 generation.

Finally, the F1 and R1 generations were crossed, and the present day Aegidienberger was created.

The modern Aegidienberger is a 5/8 crossbreed between an Icelandic horse and a Peruvian Paso, and it has 5/8 Icelandic blood and 3/8 Peruvian blood.

The Aegidienberger has 62 % Icelandic blood and 38 % Peruvian blood.

The breed numbers have been decreasing lately, making it an extremely rare breed.

If you’re interested in learning more about this intriguing breed, read on!

Alternative Names



Aegidienberger horses are said to have impeccable character and to be multitalented, affable, sociable, and have a great deal of character.

Physical Characteristics

Aegidienberger horses are small to medium sized horses who are surprisingly strong and robust for their size, and have very good endurance.

Their mane and high set tail tend to flow because they are thick and long.

The neck is upright, short muscular, and they also have a proud head carriage.


All colors are acceptable.

Height (size)

13 – 15 hands high







Blood Type


Common Uses

Pleasure riding


Generally healthy

Popular Traits

Aegidienberger are very adaptable gaited horses that are capable of performing the tölt.



Country of Origin



Icelandic horse, Peruvian Paso