Burmese Horse

The Burmese Horse is a rare breed of horse that originates from Burma.

They are known for their gentle nature, and strong constitution.

Here is everything you need to know about this special breed!

Burmese Horse Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Burmese Horse:

Height (size) 12.0 – 13.0 hands high
Colors Bay, black, gray, brown, chestnut
Country of Origin Burma (previously known as Myanmar)
Common Uses The local tribes use them for various work

Burmese Horse Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

The Burmese Pony is a horse breed that is believed to have originated in the Shan state of eastern Burma (previously known as Myanmar).

They are now bred for a variety of purposes by local tribes living in the highlands.

As a result of living in such a hilly environment, they have strong bodies, and are hardy and surefooted.

The Burmese Horse is well-suited to hot and humid climates.

It has a thinner coat than the Shan Horse.

The origins of the Burmese pony are unknown, but it is said to resemble the Spiti horse, Bhutia horse, and Manipuri pony.

They all appear to be descended from Mongolian horses and other Eastern horse breeds, which suggests that they are all related.

The Burmese horse was used as polo mounts by British people during the time when the English established colonies in Burma.

It wasn’t because they were swift or athletic, but rather because other equines were unavailable.

In fact, horse racing in Rangoon was practically nonexistent in the past few years because the only breeds competing were Burmese ponies imported from the Shan states.

For the purpose of breeding racehorses, the British brought in a number of Arab stallions and bred them with Burmese ponies.

Other breeds were established throughout time for the purpose of competing in Burmese races.

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Alternative Names



Quiet and willing which makes them suitable for beginners and children

Physical Characteristics

These not so beautiful horses, but hardy horses have a straight profile, and a muscular neck.

The back is long with a sloping croup.

The withers are not well-pronounced, and the chest is deep and wide.

The shoulder is straight, and the legs are strong, but elegant.

The hooves are small and hard.


Bay, black, gray, brown, chestnut

Height (size)

12.0 – 13.0 hands high







Blood Type


Common Uses

The local tribes use them for various work



Popular Traits

Sure footedness, high endurance level



Country of Origin

Burma (previously known as Myanmar)


Mongolian horses (speculated) as well as other oriental equine breeds