Esperia Pony

The Esperia Pony is a rare breed that originated in Italy in the 19th century.

Join us as we explore everything about this interesting equine – from its history and temperament, and how it is mostly used today.

Esperia Pony Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Esperia Pony:

Height (size) 13.0 – 14.0 hands high
Colors Always black
Country of Origin Italy
Common Uses Pack animal, show pony, equestrian sports, children’s mounts

Esperia Pony Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

The Esperia Pony originated in the Aurunci and Ausoni Mountains in Esperia, in the province of Frosinone, in the Italian region of Lazio.

In the past, people relied on them for transportation and their meat.

These ponies developed as a result of Baron Ambrogio Roselli di Esperia’s selective breeding program.

A number of Italian horses, especially the Salerno stock, were brought in in order to improve the local horse and pony population.

However, these animals could not adapt to the harsh climate of the Aurunci and Ausoni Mountains.

In 1840, Roselli purchased four Turkish mares and a stallion, which adapted well and successfully assimilated into the local Esperia horse population.

As years went by, the Esperia were rather successful; however, their population has been steadily decreasing ever since the end of the World War II due to the fact that they were commonly employed by the military as a source of meat and for detonating landmines.

In 1962 they were recognised as a distanced breed, and breeders in many different regions of Italy began raising these ponies.

A breed standard was adopted in 1993.

The AIA, which is the Italian breeders organization, recognizes it as one of the fifteen indigenous horse “breeds of limited distribution”

It is the only Italian breed that is classified as a pony.

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Alternative Names



Docile, attentive, lively

Physical Characteristics

The head is short, featuring a straight profile.

The neck is medium sized and proportionate to the rest of the body.

The chest is muscular and well developed.

The legs are tough with strong joints, and mane and tail are abundant.

They are hardy and lively with a horse-like big stride and are used in equine sports.

This breed can thrive in very arid and barren environments, going without water for lengthy periods of time.


Always black

Height (size)

13.0 -14.0 hands high







Blood Type


Common Uses

Pack animal, show pony, equestrian sports, children’s mounts



Popular Traits

They can survive extended periods without water


Easy keepers that can survive on little food

Country of Origin



Local horses and ponies, Salerno, Turkish horses