How Much Does It Cost To Show A Horse?

On average it costs from 200$ to 3500$ per weekend.

The costs depend on many factors. Some of them are the show entry and other fees, stall, bedding, hotel, travelling costs, food and houling. Other factors include the type of a show the horse is entering and the level of the competition, or the class. Local shows cost less while some other events like the Olympic Games are extremely expensive. Also, it is very important to know how many people are in the team and how many horses are entering the show. It depends on the level the horse is entering as well as the length of the travelling. If you bring your own horse´ s trainer is one more addition to the list of costs. Actually, going to shows can be pretty much expensive and one must be prepared for that. But before entering any show one must be aware of its own horse and level of training and if the horse measures up. Also do not be afraid to ask another trainer for the instructions. What can also be very helpful is to make a list of costs so as not to be surprised by the total costs in the end. In this way one can also avoid unnecessary costs. In the end, expectations should be realistic.

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What type of horse shows are there?

There are: combined driving, dressage, endurance riding, eventing, paraequestrianism (equestrian sport for athletes with disabilities), reining, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, wertern pleasure, showmanship.

Horse shows are held from local to international levels. Those are judged exhibitions in many different disciplines and are organised for different horse breeds. These shows consist of various performances which are called classes. Classes are organised by the age of the horse or a rider, number of the first place ribbons and the size or a breed. In the classes, groups of similar horses compete with each other. Fédération équestre internationale (FEI) is the organisation which is in charge of the International competitions for ten disciplines. Beside this organisation there are different horse shows in the countries around the world. The most popular are those in the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia and Canada. The results of every show are the awards. There are different awards, the most popular are the money prizes, trophies, medals and ribbons.

How much does a show jumping horse cost on average?

On average it costs from 10.000$ to 15 million$.

The price is based on the breed, experience and age. One can buy a fully trained jumper or you can have an inexperienced one and then you do training all by yourself. Jumping horse has specific movements, scope and confirmation. The best horse breeds for jumping are: The Oldenburg, Trakehner, Dutch Warmblood, Irish Sport Horse, Henoverian, Holsteiner, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Mules and Arabian. A good and experienced trainer can always recognize a good jumping horse. As the horse’s price is higher its training experience is better. Beside that, bloodline also determines the price. Another important factor for the price determination is the height of the jump the horse has. Jumping horses travel around the world for different shows each week. Those shows are local or international at the highest level. Not every jumping horse has the equal opportunity to compete and win. There are five richest jumping horses in the world: Clooney 51, Verdi TN, Gazelle, HH Azur, Explosion W. Good jumping horses possess two qualities and they are jumping ability over the obstacles and courage and passion. Horse jumping is an extremely dangerous sport so the horse needs to have good strength and coordination.

How much does it cost to enter a horse show?

Horse shows are expensive. Due to that, the price on average is from 200$ to 10000$ per day.

The price is formed on the type of the show one is entering. Shows are on local or international levels, lasting one or more days. The money goes to these things: facility maintenance, jump maintenance and/or new jumps and/or jump rental, pay for show staff (announcer, ring crew, ring stewards, jump crew, show manager, office staff) + hotels, pay for judges (+ hotels), show approval fees, advertising, utilities (water, electricity, etc.), stall cleanup, drug testing fees, prizes, vet and farrier on-site, ambulance or EMT fees, food caterers, VIP area (tablecloths, special food, furniture rental, etc.),general liability insurance for the event.

Here is one example of different horse show:

Recognized horse trial Rated W j show
Entry Fees $230 $385
Stall & Shavings $135 $261
Other Show Fees $21 $78
Trainer Fees $100 $300
Trailering $100 $200
Hotel $100 $250
Can you win Yes (not until higher level) Yes (not until higher level)
Extras (dinners,etc) yes yes
Total $686 $1.474
Greenwood Spring Gathering

Horse showing is a true luxury. A good start is to have good planning about your money spending.

How much does it cost to show at WEF?

WEF is a 35 years old festival and to show a horse there costs on average from $300 to $4000 per week.

It is the longest horse show in the world and lasts for twelve weeks. Each week is a show for itself. It takes place at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Festival in Wellington. Without counting warm-up arenas, there are thirteen arenas. When one wants to compete in the WEF its horse must stay on site in the competition stables. Those stables are immense and cost $3,750 for the entire period. The fees rise up to $2,226 per horse. Riders pay VIP tables and the cost varies according to rows; the last row is $40,000 and the first is $75,000. But the prize money is also high. 33% of the prize money is given to the winner.

Here is the table to compare some of the classes at the WEF:

WEF: Low Hunter 2’6″Classes 4016 U/S, 4017, 4018, 4019, 4020
· Post Entry fee: $50
Ambulance fee: · $10
Zone Support fee: · $2
· Office fee: $75
USEF fee: · $16
Class fee: · $40 (x5)
TOTAL: $353 for the division

This festival is more than a show, ribbons and prize money. It is more a place for the connections in the horse world, develop your business and meet friends.

How much do show jumpers get paid?

The smaller paiement is $1000 per event. The higher goes up to $1.2 Million per year. The average is $30,000 according to the site Simply Hired.

Many professional show jumpers work or they are self-employed. McLain Ward and Laura Kraut are professional jumpers and they earned $1,280,788 and $627,907 in 2010 according to ESPN. These are unique cases and rare in professional sport. The amount of money show jumpers earn greatly depends on the area where they live and work. Professionals are payed through their winnings in the shows. The money is not guaranteed throughout the year and in most cases they have to find another way of earning money. The biggest expense for every show jumper is their horse actually. These huge paychecks are rare and most professional show jumpers are not really earning huge money, fame or fortune. Only the exceptional ones secced. If you want to be a professional show jumper it is not only the profession but the way of life as well. The first step is to find a mentor and become an apprentice. Before becoming a professional jumper this is a good experience because one first has to learn all about horses and taking care of them. The other important thing is to start as early as possible and learn from people before you. As mentioned before, this is more a way of life than a job.

How do people afford horse shows?

To be honest in a hard way unless you inherited a fund or sponsored by your family or belong to royalty. This is a very expensive sport and least accessible for the average people who work normal jobs.

But yet, there are ways to afford it. For the start, your shows do not have to be those of a great fame or 5* for the start. You can still go to local shows and earn some experience. These types of shows are low budget, low stress and more welcoming. Using these types of shows you build up your competition confidence and your horse gains training. Other useful things are to enter one day shows and go with friends in order to share costs as well as sharing horses. Also if you do your own horse training can have more benefits, excluding trainer costs and on the other hand, a horse gets more used to you as a rider. Hotels are another way of saving because if we are to be honest we spend little time in the rooms especially if we have a mission. Making a budget and priorities is also one of important strategies to afford a horse show. Just keeping your mind on the list makes the organization easier and spending money in control. When it comes to clothes one can make its own or buy quality used clothes. Planning meals is also a big saving plan. But as expensive as it seems, if one decides to do it and loves doing it, do not give up. Do not fear to do whatever it takes if you truly believe in success.

What do you need for a horse show?

Horse shows are the opportunity to demonstrate what one and its horse learned. The most important thing is to select the horse show. That is the first thing to do.

After that there are travel items like:

· shipping boots

· truck and trailer registration

· stored water, hay

· jumper cables

· flashlight etc.

Then one has to do a paper work:

· original or copy registration papers

· membership card

· certification

· amateur or Non-Pro card and so on.

Next, stall or track room set up:

· shavings

· buckets

· hammer

· screwdrivers

· duck tape

· pillers

· saddle racks are just some of the things one needs.

After that for the tack one needs among other things:

· bridles

· saddles

· protective boots

· show cooler and blankets.

When tack care is concerned be aware to have:

· saddle soap

· silver polish

· paper towels and so on.

Always have extra hay, supplements, water grain and some treats. Grooming supplies are also very important and some include:

· curry comb,

· body brushes

· sponges

· towels

· shampoo and conditioner etc.

Of course do not forget about you and your needs. First aid kit for you and your horse is the obligatory thing as well.

What equipment do you need for show jumping?

When it comes to a horse, one needs:

  • A saddle and mostly it is used English saddle style because of the close contact design. It allows the freedom in movement and allows the rider to lighten the seat.
  • Saddle blankets
  • Saddle paddles are white and square
  • Girths are of different size and type, but mostly give space for the horse´s elbows.
  • Bridles with any style of noseband
  • Boots and wraps are important due to injuries (tendon and fetlock boots are preferable)
  • Martingales are also important.
  • Brow bands
  • Competition number
  • Quarter sheets

For the Quality Horse Jumps Course the necessity equipment is the following:

  • Show jumping fence (vertical, oxer, triple bar, liverpool, combination)
  • Adjustable training cavalleti
  • Jump standard with pinless track system
  • Wooden rails
  • Jump block
  • Rail razer
  • Stacker
  • Water obstacle
  • Value wing
  • Pinless jump cup
  • Riser blocks
  • Fillers
  • Flags

The equipment greatly depends on the type of the show jumps. Most jumping fences are colorful and fences are breakable in order to prevent injuries. Show jumpers must be strong and of great courage in order to jump over obstacles without fear. These horses are of different breeds and must be tall. Jumping is an excellent way to develop a deeper connection between the horse and the rider.

What do you wear to a horse show?

As a rider, one needs to wear:

  • Riding hat
  • Riding jacket
  • Shirt
  • Stock
  • Tie
  • Legwear
  • Footwear
  • Gloves
  • Body protectors
  • Air jacket
  • Spurs
  • Whip

When it comes to clothes one must be informed about the type of the horse show and competition is entering. Before a horse show one must be sure to look at its best. Clothes can be formal or less formal depending on the competition.

If one goes as a spectator again firstly must be aware which event is about to attend. Some, like the Kentucky Derby, have fashion tradition, others are less formal. Before deciding what to wear, one must be aware that it will walk a lot. Shows last for very long hours so bare in mind to dress comfortably and according to weather. It is always practical to dress in layers and be aware of the environment.

If one is a woman here are some ideas how to dress when attending the horse show:

  • A blouse
  • Quarter zip pullover
  • Sweater
  • Vest
  • Khaki pants
  • Skinny jeans
  • Dressy shorts
  • Classic black pants
  • Knee – high boots
  • Stylish walking shoes
  • Waterproof boots
  • Themed jewelry
  • Scarf
  • Handbag or purse
  • Hats

As a man one should consider:

  • Bottom down shirt
  • Sweater
  • Quarter zip or half zip pullover
  • Polo shirt
  • Khaki pants
  • Golf shorts
  • Jeans
  • Walking shoes
  • Loafers
  • Sneakers
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats or visor
  • Backpack or shoulder bag

Always have in mind that comfort is the first thing.

How do you plan a horse show?

First of all one has to decide what type of a show will be held. Next are these things that should be included:

  • Decide on a date of a show
  • Decide which divisions and classes are going to be included
  • Hiring people (judges,stewards,secretary,in gate people,announcer,EMT,PR,presenter,vet,farrier,parking attendees). Volunteers are also welcome.
  • Planning the grounds:
  • Rings: show ring and a warm up ring
  • Parking: trailer and car parking
  • Booths: for judge, announcer, presenter, PR
  • Facilities: bathroom, water places, stables
  • Class list
  • Prize list with specifications: class, show information, entry form, show rules
  • Contact: trainers, barns
  • Facebook, Instagram and other social networks: posting information for promotion
  • Ordering: ribbons, back numbers for riders, strings
  • Prizes
  • Judge cards
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Insurance
  • PA system
  • Stationary supplies
  • Copies: prize, class, entry forms
  • Designing courses
  • Arranging trash cans
  • Supplies of carrots, sweets, candies
  • Setting up the chairs
  • Sponsors search
  • Manager
  • Ringmaster steward
  • Technical support
  • Emergency technician
  • Organising photographer

As one can see there are a lot of things which are needed to organize a show. Planning and making a list of what to do is crucial for hosting the horse show. The most important questions to answer before even considering to host a show are:

  1. What is the type of a show?
  2. When is it happening?
  3. What is the budget?
  4. Where will it take place?
  5. Who is organizing it?

Organising a horse show can be a fun and rewarding opportunity. If you want people to come and continue coming to your horse show you should maintain enthusiasm, show appreciation, have safe and clean facilities and above all accurate judging and scoring.

What breed of horse is used for show jumping?

The best horse breeds for show jumping are:

  1. Thoroughbred
  2. Trakehner
  3. Hanoverian
  4. Irish Sport Horse
  5. Anglo – Arabian
  6. Dutch Warmblood
  7. Connemara
  8. Oldenburg
  9. Quarter Horse
  10. Morgan

Show jumping is a very interesting sport and exciting as well. There are different disciplines with many fence heights and course disciplines. Riders can choose which shows they would like to compete in. Jumping horses must be very athletic, strong and brave. Accuracy is also very important. Show jumping horses must be able to adapt to new environments and skilled enough to jump over new and scary fences. With these shows, taller horses are better and those should be capable of an excellent jump.

The main characteristics that a jumping horse should poses are the following:

  • Bravery
  • Agility
  • Good form
  • Surefootedness

Horses for show jumping should also possess speed. Large, adjustable stride is a qualification which is needed for the jumping horse. Uphill build and movement is a very important characteristic as well. The last most important thing is the anility to easily transfer weight and power.

Precision is another important characteristic. Endurance also plays a major role in show jumping. Visually pleasing appearance and elegant movement is another fact that is related to horses for jumping shows.

How much does a good show jumping horse cost?

On average it costs from $10,000 to $100,000.

The price depends on the horse experience and the breed. Purchase price, vet, shoeing, feed and showing costs add it up within the years. The price is also determined by the level of the competition for which one wants to use a horse. Training process is very important as well as the age of the horse. What is interesting is that the purchase itself of a horse is not the most expensive thing, the later costs are the worries. These costs of course vary depending on a place one lives. Jumping horses should be specified for soaring over the fence. Any horse can jump but only those of great excellence can compete.

Show jumping, hunter jumping and cross country jumping demand slightly different breeds for the competition. Show jumping horses must be fast and agile while hunter jumpers must be elegant and graceful. When it comes to cross country jumping these horses must be strong and fearless.

Can Arabian Horses Do Show Jumping?

Yes, Arabian horses can do horse jumping.

In fact they are more than capable of doing this. Being very elegant, graceful, strong and energetic they are very good for the competition in horse jumping. These horses are one of the oldest breeds in the world. Their intelligence makes them very representative in the jumping show. High trainability makes them more than ready for the competition.

What makes them perfect for horse jumping is their exceptional balance and agility. They excel in show jumping because of their athleticism, bravery, competitiveness and energy. Arabian horses are one of the most popular breeds around the world. These horses are looking good in different classes and disciplines. What also describes these horses are versatility, variety and usability. What is more, everyone should be able to experience these horses in any discipline. This can encourage riders to examine and study more about this breed and its abilities.