The Kustanair hails from Kazakhstan, and it is a horse breed that is known for its strength, and hardiness.

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Kustanair Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Kustanair:

Height (size) 15.0 – 15.2 hands high
Colors Black, bay, brown, chestnut, gray, roan
Country of Origin Kazakhstan
Common Uses Riding, light draft work

Kustanair Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

The Kustanai breed originated in the western Kazakhstan steppes at the Turgai stud in 1887 when the native steppe horses were crossed with Thoroughbred, Russian Don, Stralet, and Astrakhan (improved Kalmyk) animals.

At first, it seemed as if the crossbreeding would not be successful; but, by improving the management of the brood mares and adding additional Thoroughbred blood, the breed was finally created in the 1920s.

Two variants of the Kustanair breed were developed as a result of purposeful variations in the management approaches used by the several state studs.

The first kind, saddle-type horses, were stabled, fed better food, and bred extremely carefully.

The second type, which was kept in the steppes out in the open, bred in herds, and left to find most of its own food, was tougher and better for light draft work.

The saddle type has Thoroughbred blood, whilst the steppe type contains the majority of the other breed combinations.

The breed was formally recognized in 1951.

If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating breed, keep reading!

Alternative Names

“Kustanai horse”



Physical Characteristics

The head is light, with a straight profile.

The neck is muscular, and withers are prominent.

The chest is broad and deep, and the shoulder is long and sloped.

The back is long.

The legs are well-muscled, and joints are clean.

The hooves are good.

It is overall a very hardy and tough breed, with great endurance and stamina.


Black, bay, brown, chestnut, gray, roan

Height (size)

15.0 – 15.2 hands high







Blood Type


Common Uses

Riding, light draft work



Popular Traits




Country of Origin



Native steppe horses, Don, Astrakhan, Strelets, Thoroughbred cross horses