How High Can Horses Jump?

The average horse jump ranges around 2 to 3 feet. Mentioned height can be reached by a horse that never trained. Horses can jump higher than 2 or 3 feet when they want to reach something, food for example. Fences and high obstacles can be something easy to jump off when on the other side … Read more

How Fast Are Horses?

The maximum speed of a horse is 88 km/h. How fast a horse can be depends on its walk. The average speed of a horse’s walk is 6.4 km/h. This is the speed when the horse moves naturally with four basic gaits (the four beat walk). The two beat walk or a jog averages 13 … Read more

Can You Ride a Stallion [Mare, Geldings]?

Can you ride a stallion? Given that a stallion horse of any breed is expected to have somewhat of a temper, it is often asked if stallions can be ridden? At the same time, any stallion is still a horse with its unique characteristics and this also factors in the decision to ride it or … Read more

Can Shire Horses Jump? [Yes, But Don’t Do This]

As a part of an impressive draft breed, Shire horses were initially built to work in agriculture and to pull carriages. However, a lot of people make a mistake in thinking that the Shire breed is limited to pulling heavyweights. Shire horses are very talented and can do many other things besides pulling. That being … Read more

Can I Dye My Horses Mane and Tail?

It is acceptable to dye a horse’s mane and tail. It’s absolutely OK to dye your horse’s mane as long as you are using a dye that won’t harm your horse’s hair. When dyeing your horse’s mane you just need to be careful of the colour you chose. Not every colour will fit the main … Read more

Can I Cut My Horse’s Mane?

Yes, you can cut your horse’s mane. Horses are usually trimmed as part of their show preparation. Besides the mane you can trim their: tail, ears, whiskers, face, and the legs. The mane is not trimmed for the overall length. instead , the mane is pulled with a pulling comb or thinned. If you trim … Read more

Can Horses Swim? – Yes, But Not Always!

Water and horses. Do they really mix? From the looks on the horses’ toes and their displeasure when asked to cross even the smallest puddles, I think it’s a fair question! Here’s what you need to know about horses and swimming. Can horses really swim? Horses are naturally capable of swimming, and they move their … Read more

Are Horses Dangerous?

Horses can be dangerous, especially when found in the wild. We can’t deny the fact that an animal that can weigh up to 1200 kg (about 2600 lbs) and can reach the speed up to 55 mph (about 80 km/h) can be dangerous. Horses, just like any other animal, have natural instincts to protect themselves … Read more

Can Horses Eat Sweet Potatoes?

There is usually some confusion as to what kinds of fruits and vegetables horses can or cannot eat. Be aware that a horse will eat anything that seems edible to him, so he does not have an instinctive dislike for something that might be toxic or cause digestion problems. Keep in mind also that horses … Read more

Can a Horse’s Frog Come Off?

In most cases, a horse‘s frog comes off bit by bit, eventually. The will slowly flake off, being trimmed by the hard ground the horse is stepping on or a farrier‘s knife can be used as well. Most horses can manage their own frogs, flaking bits as time passes. In most cases, the frog sheds … Read more