Sardinian Anglo-Arab

The Sardinian Anglo-Arab Horse is a breed that is unique to the Italian island of Sardinia.

They are a cross between Arabian and Thoroughbred horses, and are known for their athleticism and good temperament.

Here is everything you need to know about the Sardinian Anglo-Arab Horse.

Sardinian Anglo-Arab Horse Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Sardinian Anglo-Arab horse:

Height (size) 15.1 – 16.1 hands high
Colors Bay, chestnut or gray
Country of Origin Italy
Common Uses They are used in races as a saddle horse, and also in eventing, show jumping, dressage, trekking, endurance, and folk festivals of Sardinia.

Sardinian Anglo-Arab Horse Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

The Ozieri Army Remount Station was founded in 1874 to provide mounts for the Italian Army’s cavalry.

The indigenous Sardinian mares were mixed with oriental-bred stallions like the foundation sire OsmaniƩ, and from 1883, also with French-bred Anglo-Arabian stallions.

In 1915, Captain Grattarola, the Director of the Ozieri Remount Station, resumed the operation by crossing the finest 600 available mares with stallions of Purosangue Orientale breeding, obtained directly from Bedouin desert tribes.

In later years, stallions of the Thoroughbred breed were used on mares of mixed Sardinian and oriental origin.

It was decided that there should be at least 25% Arabian blood in every individual horse.

The Anglo-Arabo Sardo was given its current name in 1967 (abbreviated in AAS).

Recently, “Sardo” has been deleted as a suffix, and the breed is being pushed more and more as an Anglo-Arabian horse.

In addition, there is a smaller native horse that is known as the Giara horse.

It is believed that the Giara horse developed from Numidian (North African or possibly Barb) stock that was brought to the island by the Carthaginians prior to the times of the Romans.

These indigenous horses were crossed with Arabians and eventually Thoroughbreds, and supplied the local foundation bloodstock that helped to create the Sardinian Anglo-Arab.

The Anglo-Arabo Sardo replaced the Thoroughbreds in the Palio de Siena, a horse race held twice a year in Italy as the Thoroughbreds fractured their legs.

For this reason, it was necessary to choose short and strong breeds that could withstand the competition.

Many horses of Anglo Arab Sardinian descent have contributed to the foundation bloodstock for the formation of another breed known as the Italian Saddle Horse or Sella Italiano.

The Anglo-Arabo Sardo horses are an essential component of a number of traditional celebrations on the island of Sardinia, including the Cavalcata, the Sartiglia di Oristano, and the Ardia di Sedilo.

This breed is also used by the mounted Carabinieri regiments of the Italian police.

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Alternative Names

“Anglo-Arab Sardo”



Physical Characteristics

They possess high stamina, and are energetic, agile and sure-footed.

Head is light and short with a straight profile.

The eyes are wide, and nostrils are large.

Ears are small and mobile.

Neck is light, and the shoulder is sloped.

Legs are strong, but not heavy.

Hooves are well-proportioned.


Bay, chestnut or gray

Height (size)

Small type: 15.1 – 15.2 hands high

Medium type: 15.2 – 16.1 hands high

Large type: taller than 16.1 hands






990 – 1,200 lb (450 – 550 kg)

Blood Type


Common Uses

They are used in races as a saddle horse, and also in eventing, show jumping, dressage, trekking, endurance, and folk festivals of Sardinia.



Popular Traits




Country of Origin



Giara horse, Thoroughbreds crossed with Sardinian horses carrying Arabian blood