Schleswig Coldblood

The Schleswig Coldblood Horse is a rare breed of horse that originated in Germany.

They are known for their friendly temperament and easy-going nature.

In this article, we’ll cover the breed’s history and characteristics, so if you’re interested in learning more about this wonderful breed, keep reading!

Schleswig Coldblood Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Schleswig Coldblood:

Height (size) 15.1 – 15.9 hands high
Colors Most commonly chestnut though bays and grays are also seen
Country of Origin Germany
Common Uses Some farm work, logging, riding, driving

Schleswig Coldblood Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

Originally they were bred as working horses, and were used on farms, in forestry, to pull omnibuses and brewery wagons, and for heavy hauling in the military.

The Duchy of Schleswig, which is located in the southern portion of the Jutland Peninsula, is the place of origin for the Schleswig Coldblood horse, which may trace its ancestry back to the Jutland horse.

Around the year 1860, an English stallion by the name of Oppenheim LXII was brought over from England.

This horse, who was either a pure-bred or a part-bred Suffolk Punch, became the foundation stallion for the breed.

Warmblood and coldblood breeding were separated in 1888, and in 1891, numerous groups of coldblood breeders in Schleswig were brought together, which marked the beginning of systematic breeding.

In the years that followed the end of World War II, the mechanization of agriculture resulted in a significant decrease in the number of horses used on farms.

In 1975 there were only 35 mares and 5 stallions left, and the breeding association was closed so theĀ  remaining animals were registered in the Schleswig-Holstein horse registry in Kiel.

Soon after, a group dedicated to the preservation of the breed was established, and in 1991, this organization evolved into the Schleswig horse breeders’ association.

As of 2012, the Schleswiger Coldblood breed includes a sub-type known as the Hanoverian Coldblood of Schleswig origin.

If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating breed, keep reading!

Alternative Names



Docile nature

Physical Characteristics

The head is short with a straight profile, and broad forehead.

The neck is short and crested, and the shoulders are powerful.

The body is long, and the girth is deep.

The hindquarters are powerful, and legs are short and stocky with some feathering.

They are good movers, versatile and agile with great stamina.


Most commonly chestnut though bays and grays are also seen

Height (size)

15.1 – 15.9 hands high






Around 1,800 lbs (800 kg)

Blood Type


Common Uses

Some farm work, logging, riding, driving



Popular Traits




Country of Origin



Jutland horse, Suffolk Punch