Siciliano Indigeno

When most people think of horse breeds, the Siciliano Indigeno probably isn’t the first that comes to mind.

But this old breed is worth getting to know, as it has a lot to offer.

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Siciliano Indigeno Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Siciliano Indigeno:

Height (size) 15.0 – 15.7 hands high
Colors n/a
Country of Origin Italy (Sicily)
Common Uses By mounted regiments of the Carabinieri police force, general riding

Siciliano Indigeno Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

Horses of the Siciliano Indigeno breed are native to the island of Sicily.

The Siciliano Indigeno horse breed may be traced back hundreds of years to when it was created by crossbreeding African and Oriental horses.

The breed was improved over the course of many years by the use of careful and selective breeding, and it was also influenced by the introduction of Andalusian and Anglo-Norman blood.

The Siciliano was considered to be one of the best cavalry horses during the Great Italian Wars (1494 – 1559), and it was praised in Claudio Corte’s book “II Cavallerizzo”, which was written in the 16th century.

Only horses born in Sicily are permitted to be registered, according to the rules of the AIA (Italian Breeders’ Association).

Because of this decision, it is difficult to breed Siciliano horses anywhere other than on the island of Sicily, which effectively prevents the Siciliano from acquiring popularity on a national or worldwide scale.

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Alternative Names




Physical Characteristics

It is one of the oldest man-made horse breeds in Europe and can be separated into two unique types – the one native to the eastern parts of the island has a characteristic light build with a long body, and the other from the interior has a more muscular build.



Height (size)

15.0 – 15.7 hands high


15.2 – 15.7 hh


15.0 – 15.5 hh



Blood Type


Common Uses

By mounted regiments of the Carabinieri police force, general riding



Popular Traits




Country of Origin

Italy (Sicily)


Oriental and African horses, Andalusian, Anglo-Norman