Spanish-Norman Horse

The Spanish-Norman Horse is a rare breed that originates from Spain and France.

They are known for their elegant appearance, powerful movement, and graceful demeanor.

These horses are versatile and can be used for riding, driving, or even sport.

If you’re interested in owning a Spanish-Norman Horse, there are a few things you should know about them first!

Spanish-Norman Horse Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Spanish-Norman horse:

Height (size) 15.3 – 17.0 hands high
Colors Most commonly gray, even though bay and black is also seen
Country of Origin France and Spain
Common Uses Driving, dressage, in parades and exhibitions

Spanish-Norman Horse Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

The Spanish-Norman horse is a versatile breed that was created by crossbreeding two old breeds, the French Percheron and the Spanish Andalusian.

The Spanish-Normans combine the grace and boldness of the Andalusian with the bone density, size, and power of the Percheron.

The Spanish-Norman horse was developed through selective breeding in an effort to recreate the now-extinct European Norman horses that once served as the warhorses of medieval knights.

Both ancestors of the modern Spanish-Norman horse – the Percheron and the Andalusian – have Barb and Iberian horse bloodlines.

Dr. Gus Cothran conducted blood-typing tests on Andalusian and Percheron horses in 1990, and the results showed that the two breeds had the same genetic link.

It was believed that the offspring of these two breeds, which had a common oriental background, would be similar to the now-extinct Norman horses.

In 1991, the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry was established in Connecticut by Allan and Linda Hamid.

Because Spanish-Norman horses are required to have at least 50 percent Andalusian blood, they are eligible for dual registry as half-Andalusians by the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA).

Additionally, Spanish-Norman horses are eligible to compete in shows that are sponsored by IALHA.

If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating breed, keep reading!

Alternative Names



Energetic, but gentle

Physical Characteristics

The Spanish-Norman has a refined, convex head like the Andalusian, as well as a long neck and legs, wide chest, short back, well-muscled hindquarters, and an abundant mane and tail.

Its size and density of bone are similar to those of the Percheron.


Most commonly gray, even though bay and black is also seen

Height (size)

15.3 – 17.0 hands high






880 -1,200 lbs (400 – 545 kg)

Blood Type


Common Uses

Driving, dressage, in parades and exhibitions



Popular Traits




Country of Origin

France and Spain


Andalusian, Percheron