Unmol Horse

Unmol is a rare horse breed hailing from Pakistan and India.

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Unmol Horse Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Unmol horse:

Height (size) 14.5 – 15.1 hands high
Colors Most commonly gray and bay
Country of Origin Pakistan and India
Common Uses n/a

Unmol Horse Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

According to legend, Alexander the Great introduced the breed’s ancestors to India during his conquest of the country.

If that is true, then the Unmol likely descended from Turkmen stock.

The Unmol is a very uncommon breed that originates from northwest Punjab in India.

Their name, which means “priceless,” conveys just how significant these animals were to the locals.

Even though there have been attempts made to preserve this breed, it is very unlikely that there are any individuals of pure blood left.

Some people claim to still own Unmol horses, although it’s likely that they are not pure blood and also have some Arabian blood.

Even today, some Punjabi residents claim that Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, a well-known Indian king, had more than a thousand of these horses in his stable and rode a horse by the name of “Leilla” when he went to battle.

In 1995, the FAO designated the conservation status of these equines as “critical,” and these horses were referred to as “nearly extinct” in the organization’s report.

There is an ongoing effort to locate and preserve any remaining purebreds.

In this context, it is important to note that the Army Remount Department took the initiative a few years ago to take action toward recognizing and safeguarding this horse.

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Physical Characteristics

The Unmol is characterized as being very powerful and graceful with a compact body, and long main and tail.

There are four distinct families that make up this breed, and they are all known together as Unmol horses.

These families are Harna, Hazziz, Morna, and Sheehan.


Most commonly gray and bay

Height (size)

14.5 – 15.1 hands high






800 – 1,000 lbs (360 – 450 kg)

Blood Type


Common Uses




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Country of Origin

Pakistan and India


Unknown, potentially Turkoman horse