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Konik horse breed information

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Konik description

The breed is short in height, with a strong and stocky build, light head with a straight profile, the neck emerges low out of the chest. The Konik has a deep chest, a thick mane, the hair coat is grullo, or "mouse-gray."


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Konik color

Mainly mouse dun with dorsal stripe

Konik size

The size of Konik is around 13.1 hh

Konik weight

This horse breed can weight between 700 - 890 lb (320-405 kg)

Konik temperament

They have a quiet temperement

Konik life expectancy

Konik are long-living horses

Konik origin


Konik history

Although the Polish Konik is not a true wild horse, they go directly back to the wild horse of eastern Europe, the Tarpan. More precisely, their ancestors were the last wild ones caught in the primeval forest of Bialowieza in Poland in the late 19th Century. From there, they were hauled to a game preserve Zwierzyniec near Bilgoraj in Southeast Poland. When that preserve was dissolved, the horses were given to the farmers in the area. It was a poor and isolated land, the horses were kept without much care, still had to live a frugal life and thus largely kept their primitive qualities. There must have some "contamination" with outside blood, but the Polish Konik horses seem to have retained many of their Tarpan characteristics.

Early in the 20th Century - when it was too late, scientists became interested in the Tarpan. Professor Vetulani of the Jagiellonian University in Krakau obtained around twenty head of these Tarpan descendents, most of them near Bilgoraj, to study them under wild, or nearly wild, conditions. In 1949, 12 broodmares with their produce and one stallion, all Bialowieza/Vetulani descendents, were brought to Popielno in Poland, 15 more of the Vetulani experiment had survived the war in the rimeval forest of Bialowieza.

Konik uses

Koniks are used under harness and are also used for light draft work, which they are well suited for with a strong body. Also they are used for draught and riding.

Konik influence


Konik interesting facts

Thanks to the efforts of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the existence of the Konik looks secured. More than any other primitive horse, the Polish Konik has been used in re-naturalization projects in several European countries, so large herds are leading the live of wild horses

Konik farms

Nature reserves: Popielno, Roztocze National Park, Stobnica Research Station of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań

Stud conditions: Popielno, Sieraków

Konik pictures

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