Will Coyotes Attack Horses?

Any predators will chase or attack horses, and that’s what coyotes would do too. Besides the fact that horses weigh 1000 pounds and coyotes 40 pounds, coyotes will still attack horses. Coyotes are predators, and that’s normal in their behaviour. If the horse is alone or in a smaller group it will be a great … Read more

What Makes a Horse a Cob?

A horse cob is a particular breed of horse, in appearance resembling a large pony, but a sturdy, strongly-built horse, usually high around 15 hands and has a steady temperament. Cobs are types of horses usually suited for beginners in this kind of activity, due to their secure standing and easy to handle temperament. Many … Read more

What Keeps A Horse’s Head Down?

The main way to keep your horse‘s head down is by holding reins with one hand higher than the other. The hand that is on the inner side is pulled up, but the outside hand moves back down, causing the horse to drop his head. For the “head down” cue to a horse, the rider … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Dun And A Buckskin?

The difference between a dun and a buckskin is in their genes. A lot of people cannot see the difference between the dun and the buckskin due to their similar hair color. Shades of golden color are the thing that makes them difficult to distinguish. Because of these genes both horses have a golden coat … Read more

What Is The Average Cost Of A Friesian Horse?

Friesian horse price ranges are one of the most wide ratios in the equestrian business of selling and buying these animals. The prices for these lovely animals vary somewhere around 3 000 dollars to as much as 50 thousand dollars, even more. The price of a Friesian horse varies so much because the price itself … Read more

What Human Foods Can Horses Eat?

Horses can eat human foods such as: apples, carrots, grapes, bananas, pumpkin, watermelon, strawberries, dried fruits, corn, sugar, nuts, oatmeal, salt. Horses can eat so many things that a human eats. Horses’ favorite foods are apples and carrots. They also love treats, and the food that we eat is generally considered as snacks for horses. … Read more

What Breed Of Horse Is The Smartest?

Arabian horse breed is the smartest. Among a lot of breeds in the world the arabian horses are the smartest, toughest, and the smartest breed in the world. They can pick a trick so fast, you don’t need even to repeat it twice. They are able and have the capacity to learn any discipline in … Read more

What Are The 5 Basic Horse Coat Colors?

The five basic horse coat colors are bay, black, grey, chestnut and sorrel. Besides these basic colors there are an incredible number of horse coat colors but these are the top five. Here are some facts which distinguish these coat colors. If a horse is a bay, this means that it may be light or … Read more

How To Tell If Hay Is Moldy?

Hay can usually be kept for quite a long time, given that it was stored properly, but there are certain things to be careful about, including moldy hay. So, how to tell if hay is moldy? Usually, you can say if hay is moldy through the looks and smell of it. Moldy hay will definitely … Read more

How To Pet A Horse?

As in any other regard, the way a horse reacts when you pet him is very individually based on the horse’s temperament. You should always have patience and follow signs that a horse gives you. Approach your horse slowly and make sure he sees you as the last thing you want is to scare your … Read more