Swiss Warmblood

The Swiss Warmblood is a horse breed that was developed in Switzerland.

This breed is known for its quality, athleticism, and versatility.

If you’re looking for a horse that can do it all, the Swiss Warmblood may be the right breed for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Swiss Warmblood Horse.

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Swiss Warmblood Breed Info

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the Swiss Warmblood:

Height (size) 15.2 – 16.2 hands high
Colors Any solid color
Country of Origin Switzerland
Common Uses Sport and general riding

Swiss Warmblood Facts & Information (Breed Profile)

The Swiss Warmblood, also known as the Einsiedler or the Swiss Halfbred, is a horse breed that was developed in the 10th century on the Schwyer stock that was native to Switzerland, but they were improved in the 19th century with Anglo-Norman mares and a Yorkshire Coach Horse stallion named Bracken.

They were given the name after the Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln, where they were first bred in 1064.

The first official stud book was published in 1655, but since it had some questionable crosses, a second, more thorough stud book was published in 1784.

Due to their adaptability and fluid motion, they have long been a well-liked cavalry horse in Switzerland.

In point of fact, this breed has been important throughout the whole of Swiss equestrian history; nonetheless, they have undergone tremendous changes in the course of their existence.

The Einsiedler of today is a well-conformed, solidly built Anglo-Norman type with good athletic abilities.

These horses need to pass certain tests before they may be used for breeding.

The stallions are evaluated first at the age of 3 and a half years, and then again at the age of 5.

During the evaluation process, horses are required to complete driving, jumping courses, dressage, and cross-country courses.

Also in order to be selected for breeding, their parents also have to have a proven performance ability.

Today, they are bred at the Federal Stud at Avenches, and are branded with a Swiss cross for identification.

If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating breed, keep reading!

Alternative Names

“Einsiedler”, “Swiss Half-bred”


Gentle disposition

Physical Characteristics

The head is well-proportioned with a straight or somewhat convex profile.

The chest is wide and deep and the shoulders sloping and long.

The withers are prominent, and the back is straight.

The croup is slightly sloped.

The legs are strong with well-defined tendons and good joints.


Any solid color

Height (size)

15.2 – 16.2 hands high







Blood Type


Common Uses

Sport and general riding



Popular Traits




Country of Origin



Local Schwyer stock, Anglo-Norman, Yorkshire Coach Horse, Holsteiner