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Fjord Horse horse breed information

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Fjord Horse description

Unique characteristic of the Fjord horse is the mane. The center hair of the mane is dark while the outer hair is white. The mane is cut short so it will stand erect. It is trimmed in a characteristic crescent shape to emphasize the graceful curve of the neck The white outer hair is then trimmed slightly shorter than the dark inner hair to display the dramatic dark stripe.

The head and neck should present an appearance of elegance without coarseness. The head is medium sized and well defined with a broad, flat forehead and a straight or slightly dished face.

The Fjord horse has earned a reputation as a strong, durable and pleasant-natured pony. Throughout history is has been used by the farmers of Norway as a general-purpose pony to pull loads on their hilly farms. In addition to its strength, the breed is also noted for its light and smooth action. The Fjord horse has a thick coat so that it can endure rough winters with minimal care. The combined qualities of the breed have led to its exportation to many other countries in Europe, particularly Denmark, where it has been widely used for light draft work.


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Fjord Horse color

In 1980. it was decided that five colors shall be acknowledged as the genuine and typical colors of the Fjord horse breed. Those color are : brown dun, red (chestnut) dun, gray, white dun and yellow dun.

Fjord Horse size

Approximately 13.1 - 14.3hh

Fjord Horse weight

880 - 1210lb (400 - 550 kg)

Fjord Horse temperament

Fjord horses are very curious, and will tend to investigate new unfamiliar things, instead of running away from them. They are people-oriented and love to gather round for attention. They are very playful, but have quiet personalities. They like their partners and usually try their best to please you. They are great horses for children.

Fjord Horse life expectancy

Life expectancy is between 20-25 years

Fjord Horse origin

Fjord horse is Scandinavian breed of horses whose origin is in Norway.

Fjord Horse history

It is one of the world’s oldest breeds, and has a long recorded history of pure-breeding without crossbreeding from other sources. It is believed that the ancestors of the Fjord horse migrated to Norway and were domesticated over 3,000 years ago. Archeological excavations at Viking burial sites indicate the Fjord horse has been selectively bred for 2,000 years.

Fjord Horse health issues

Fjords are known for their hardy nature and common equine ailments such as colic and laminitis are relatively rare in this breed. If the feet are neglected and the coat is not groomed regularly, skin and coat conditions such as rain rot and thrush may become a problem.

Fjord Horse uses

The Fjord horse and its ancestors have been used for hundreds of years as farm animals in western Norway. The horse is strong enough for heavy work, such as plowing the fields or pulling timber, yet light and fast enough to be a good riding and driving horse.

Today, the Fjord horse is a favorite at Norwegian riding and therapeutic schools, as its generally mild temperament and small size make it suitable for children and disabled individuals. It has also been used as a sport horse. Its ability to handle difficult terrain has led to achievement in show jumping and dressage where they have reached the highest levels. They are considered very good driving horses, and are commonly used in everything from competitions to tourist transport in Norway. Fjord horses were used in mountainous terrain during WWII.

Fjord Horse farms

Kjorsvig's fjord horses - Roslyn, South Dakota

Beaver Dam Farm Fjords II, Ltd. - Antigonish, NS, Canada

Snowy Mountain Fjords - Canada, British Columbia, Cawston

Fjord Horse pictures

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